VIDEO: In February 2016, McDaniel said Trump was “probably the most economically liberal president we’ve had since Nixon.” (McDaniel Facebook Town Hall, 2/3/16) (13:23-13:42)  

““Trump's people have become delusional, detached from reason and sanity.” (Facebook, 2/2/16 )

  In February 2016, McDaniel said, “Trump is not a constitutional conservative.” (McDaniel Facebook Town Hall, 2/17/16) Min 48:35-50:08  

McDaniel: “Do I believe Trump is a conservative? Absolutely not.” (Facebook, 1/29/16)  

In January 2018, McDaniel called President Trump’s immigration proposal “amnesty.” (CBS News, 1/26/18; Mississippi Conservative Daily, 1/25/18)  

VIDEO: McDaniel claimed Trump was not a conservative, and said he was “deeply concerned about some of Trump’s past positions.” (McDaniel Facebook Town Hall Part 1, 1/27/16) (10:36-11:10)  

VIDEO: McDaniel said he was “greatly concerned” by Trump’s previous positions on issues such as universal health care. (McDaniel Facebook Town Hall Part 1, 1/27/16) (10:36-11:39)  

In February 2016, McDaniel criticized Trump for having an inconsistent stance on abortion and questioned, “How sure and solid has Trump been?” (Reuters, 2/24/16)  

In February 2016, McDaniel questioned if Trump doubled-down “on his support of universal healthcare.” (Twitter, 2/6/16)  

VIDEO: McDaniel said Trump was right on immigration, but a year before he was “singing a different song.” (McDaniel Facebook Town Hall Part 1, 1/27/16) (12:14-12:39)  

In October 2015, McDaniel wrote an op-ed criticizing Trump for his position on eminent domain and said Trump’s comments supporting eminent domain were “indefensible.” (Mississippi PEP, 2/1/16; Facebook, 10/12/15)  

McDaniel tweeted that Trump was “wrong about the internet” and First Amendment rights, and that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was right on the issue. (Twitter, 12/15/15)  

McDaniel was highly critical of the House GOP’s 2017 ObamaCare repeal bill that Trump supported. (Donald Trump, Twitter, 3/7/17; Chris McDaniel, Facebook, 3/7/17; Chris McDaniel, Facebook, 3/22/17)  

In January 2018, McDaniel refused to criticize Steve Bannon after his attacks on President Trump and his family. (BuzzFeed, 1/3/18; CNN, 1/3/18; Facebook, 1/4/18; Facebook, 1/3/18)

"McDaniel, a state senator, in his announcement speech on Wednesday, attacked Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and a handful of Democrats and Republicans along with Wicker." (Soorin Kim And Emily Goodin, "As Steve Bannon's Star Fades, So Does That Of Some Candidates He Backed, ABC News, 3/3/18)

In November 2017, A Mississippi Political Blog Reported On The Numerous Times McDaniel Opposed Donald Trump. (Alan Lange, “Recounting Anti-Donald Trump Statements From Chris McDaniel,” Y’all Politics, 11/7/17)

McDaniel Called President Trump’s Tax Reform Proposal An “Embarrassment.” - (David M. Drucker, “Chris McDaniel signals Senate bid against Roger Wicker,” Washington Examiner, 2/26/18 and Facebook, 11/10/18